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No Chocolate?

No chocolate? It comes from a bean. No beans. No way. Yes, way. And that coffee you started drinking again when you wrote the blog post, Coffee: Love Story? You remember: the day you decided ‘the ritual’ was more important than the health benefits derived in NOT drinking that gorgeous brew. Well, you better go grab a package of that Teeccino because coffee is now out of the question, too. But I was having so much fun exploring the beans! And meeting all those passionate (and handsome) coffee roasters. Why, that little foray into coffee […]

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Money Talks. Chocolate Sings.

February. The month of hearts. And romance. The month lovers swoon and women without a beloved feel a slight pang of, “No chocolates for me this year.” I remember the biggest, most ostentatious display of chocolates I ever received. I was dating a rather linear thinker at the time. Romance was not part of his vocabulary; gifts were practical. So you can imagine the delight I felt the night he picked me up from the airport carrying a heart-shaped container the size of Texas. Brachs in a Box. I can’t remember actually eating those little […]

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California: A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

When I visit a city the first thing I investigate is the local chocolate. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a bean to bar establishment and take a private tour through a chocolate kitchen, which I love. And sometimes I spend my time in a local chocolate shop sipping and sampling and chatting. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara I discovered Chocolate Maya. Maya, the proprietor, grew up in Geneva Switzerland. Her words: “In Europe chocolate is part of our diet. I ate chocolate with my breakfast every day and grew strong bones because […]

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Chocolate Chai Spiced Tea

As much as I love a steamy cup of sipping chocolate when the cold winds blow, this week my body has been calling for the warming spices in Chai so I decided to make … Chocolate Chai Spiced Tea. There are some beautiful chocolate teas on the market that work beautifully here and I’ll talk about a few of those below. You can also just use plain old black tea (or herbal tea) and throw some cacao nibs into the spice blend. Chocolate Chai Spiced Tea Ingredients 2-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and sliced into […]

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Lisa Reinhardt is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

I am very excited to introduce you to Lisa Reinhardt, one of the very first chocolate makers I met when I began my Chocolate for Breakfast adventure. I loved both the intention in her chocolate making and her beautiful spirit. I finally had an opportunity to meet Lisa, face to face, a rare and wonderful treat in this online world of ours, and we “talked chocolate” for hours. Our love of chocolate is certainly bond-inducing, but even more, we share a similar philosophy about pleasure . . . and permission. Lisa Reinhardt, the founder of […]

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Sherry Richert Belul is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

‘Tis the season, yes? I don’t know about you, but for me, December can be a pretty stressful month. Each year when the holidays arrive, I give myself the gift of a grounding ritual. I give my “old self” a great big hug and I remind her that she does not have to go into overdrive or, in my case, “over pleasing” mode. People will still love me if I simply give them a delicious bar of artisan chocolate for Christmas. Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who is leaving a luscious legacy […]

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