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Chocolate for Breakfast

Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. ~Lora Brody In order to break through the barriers of all of our burdensome food rules, we really have to start fresh—with a beginner’s mind as the Zen Buddhists might say. And what better place to begin than with chocolate? Poor chocolate. This delectably sensuous treat has become the victim of so much controversy. First it’s touted as the best super food on the planet: antioxidant-rich, serotonin boosting, better-than-sex chocolate. “Yes, I’ll have some of that!” But then, “Oh no, don’t believe a word of this: […]

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Food Is Your Friend, Embrace It!

I’m not sure when this need to rebirth food as something to be savored and celebrated became a passionate pursuit. Maybe it started with my raw food journey. Instead of reveling in the pleasure of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in all their splendor, a meal became a contest and anything less than 100 percent raw was somehow deemed less nourishing than its cooked counterpart. I’d watch raw food enthusiasts order a salad of iceberg lettuce and olives (hold the dressing) because nothing else on the menu met their raw food standards. Not even […]

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