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Lisa Reinhardt is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

I am very excited to introduce you to Lisa Reinhardt, one of the very first chocolate makers I met when I began my Chocolate for Breakfast adventure. I loved both the intention in her chocolate making and her beautiful spirit. I finally had an opportunity to meet Lisa, face to face, a rare and wonderful treat in this online world of ours, and we “talked chocolate” for hours. Our love of chocolate is certainly bond-inducing, but even more, we share a similar philosophy about pleasure . . . and permission. Lisa Reinhardt, the founder of […]

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Sherry Richert Belul is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

‘Tis the season, yes? I don’t know about you, but for me, December can be a pretty stressful month. Each year when the holidays arrive, I give myself the gift of a grounding ritual. I give my “old self” a great big hug and I remind her that she does not have to go into overdrive or, in my case, “over pleasing” mode. People will still love me if I simply give them a delicious bar of artisan chocolate for Christmas. Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who is leaving a luscious legacy […]

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Lisa Byrne is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

I started the Luscious Legacy Project just over two years ago to provide moms with a resource, a beacon of light when the kitchen feels a little daunting and they are leaving anything but a luscious legacy. I wanted to give women an opportunity to read about real moms with the same challenges. Moms who are doing their best to nurture and nourish their children in the midst of a busy and productive life.  Lisa is one of those moms. Lisa Grace Byrne is a mother to three and founder of, an exceptional online […]

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Tania Elfersy is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

Many of the women I counsel in my culinary nutrition world appear to suffer various degrees of culinary shame. They feel like a failure when their families don’t enjoy the meals they prepare. They feel lonely in the kitchen. Or, they simply haven’t yet experienced the joy of cooking. Notice I say, “yet.” I’m the eternal optimist. I love this interview because Tania expresses some of these struggles and then she shows us how her “trade for sanity” and her willingness to “receive,” transformed her experience around food. I was struck by the win-win nature […]

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Carrie Contey is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

Interacting with conscious human beings doing delicious things in the world is one of the greatest joys and pleasures in being a solopreneur. Interviewing these men and women gives me an opportunity to bring YOU beautiful insights to ponder. It gives ME an opportunity to learn from, and grow with, people who are leaving a luscious legacy both at their tables and in their work. Carrie Contey is a prenatal, perinatal psychologist. Not your typical parenting expert. Her background offers a unique perspective on children, parenting, family life and what it means to be a […]

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Nisreen Diab-Hawley is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

I meet a lot of amazing women, both in my work as a culinary nutritionist and in my online foodie world. Where else can you discuss what you’re having for dinner with forty two friends? Of course, I’m drawn to the women who love food and share my foodie sensibility. I’m also drawn to their stories—their food history, how they nourish themselves and their families in the midst of a busy and passionate life, what they eat. Be sure to read the entire interview. There is always a delicious chocolate recipe at the bottom. If […]

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