Money Talks. Chocolate Sings.

February. The month of hearts. And romance. The month lovers swoon and women without a beloved feel a slight pang of, “No chocolates for me this year.” I remember the biggest, most ostentatious display of chocolates I ever received. I was dating a rather linear thinker at the time. Romance was not part of his vocabulary; gifts were practical. So you can imagine the delight I felt the night he picked me up from the airport carrying a heart-shaped container the size of Texas. Brachs in a Box. I can’t remember actually eating those little […]

California: A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

When I visit a city the first thing I investigate is the local chocolate. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a bean to bar establishment and take a private tour through a chocolate kitchen, which I love. And sometimes I spend my time in a local chocolate shop sipping and sampling and chatting. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara I discovered Chocolate Maya. Maya, the proprietor, grew up in Geneva Switzerland. Her words: “In Europe chocolate is part of our diet. I ate chocolate with my breakfast every day and grew strong bones because […]

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A Chocolate Romp in Portland, Oregon

I know. You think I visit Portland for the beautiful weather, the cool mornings where overcast skies are a welcome reprieve. Overcast skies, a welcome reprieve? Yes. I live in the Washington, DC area where a walk around the park feels more like a steam bath than a stroll. Actually, I visit this city for the chocolate. Teresa Ulrich, head chocolatier at Pearl Chocolate, set the stage for my most recent chocolate tasting excursion. Teresa and Duncan, her chocolate partner, were generous enough to give me (and two of my chocolate-loving friends) a private tour […]

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Robin Chocolates

I travel to Colorado a lot to visit family and friends and to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Okay, who am I kidding? I travel there for the chocolate. My first stop is usually Piece, Love & Chocolate Company because there is always a delicious chocolate experience waiting for me there. This past visit I attended a Chocolate Lab on preparing Pots de Creme and a few more delectable desserts. Yes, I even ate some of that for breakfast with my dad who fostered my love affair with chocolate. Note, I call this a […]

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Are you a chocolate traitor?

The ONLY flavor that can pull me away from chocolate? Pumpkin. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found nicobella’s pumpkin chai truffles. Not only are they the perfect marriage of chocolate and pumpkin, they’re vegan. Many of my clients have found a need (or desire) to remove dairy from their diets. Introducing them to this outstanding vegan truffle is pure delight. These truffles were developed by Nichole Dandrea, a registered dietician who knows the value in creating a chocolate that is both sumptuous AND healthy. For this contest, you’ll need tell […]

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Gnosis: Intention Personified

Gnosis: The World’s Most Nutritious Chocolate If I had seen this tag line anywhere else, I may have raised an eyebrow. But when you meet Vanessa and you see what she’s up to in the world, you can’t help but be impressed. Intention personified. Vanessa Barg, aka Chocolate Girl & certified holistic health counselor, made her first raw chocolate bars in a copper bowl in her mom’s postage stamp-size Harlem kitchen as gifts for her clients. Three years later, Gnosis Chocolate is the world’s leading manufacturer of raw organic chocolate. I’m a little fussy about […]

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