Madeleines au Chocolat

I love facebook. Yes, I spend entirely too much time looking at recipes, anecdotes, lessons and links when I should be working on more important things like figuring out how to use Pâte à Tartiner (cocoa hazelnut spread with olive oil) or writing a book about how I lost five pounds eating copious amounts of chocolate every day. But no, I fall into the rabbit hole several times a day to see what my facebook friends are up to. Where else can you learn a new language by reading your favorite food posts? Where else […]

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Piece, Love & Chocolate

Enter Piece, Love, and Chocolate, in Boulder, Colorado, and you feel like you are walking into a scene from the movie, Chocolat, only better. This is no ordinary chocolate shop. It’s a magical chocolate boutique with more chocolate than you can imagine, both edible and fanciful. Sarah Amorese (aka Madame Chocolat) owns and operates this chocolate boutique. Sarah’s mission is to enchant and entertain you and I was, indeed, enchanted. So enchanted, that I found an excuse to return the very next day—just in case there was something I missed. Chef Sarah is a professional […]

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Foodie Pheromones (California Dreamin’)

“Do you like chocolate?” I asked the young woman sitting beside me, flying the not-so-friendly skies of United. My husband rolled his eyes. I could almost hear him saying under his breath, “You’ll talk to anyone.” “Who doesn’t?” she smiled. I offered her one of my Santa Barbara chocolate finds. Her eyes lit up when she noticed hazelnuts bursting through layers of darker-than-night chocolate. I found Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro in a similar conversation, with a total stranger, as my husband and I waited to board our plane to California. It started out with a […]

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Chocolate Moments

We do not remember days. We remember moments. ~Cesare Pavare I spent this past weekend at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, immersed in a writer’s workshop led by someone I’ve admired from afar for a quarter of a century. Natalie Goldberg is celebrating the 25-year anniversary of her first book, Writing Down the Bones. And I am celebrating an item on my bucket list. There’s something about spending a weekend in the company of a rollicking room full of writers who believe the sensory experience in looking at puddles is as delicious as wrapping […]

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Chocolate for Breakfast

Sometimes I seek out a restaurant for reasons other than chocolate and then I just hope there will be a dynamite “chocolate something” on the menu. This morning I had brunch at the Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, Maryland. I love everything about this restaurant. The funky feel. The fact that everything on the menu is made from scratch, most of it sourced from local farms. Even the little note on the menu that says, “We don’t sand-bag food either. It doesn’t get put on the grill until your order comes into the kitchen. Sometimes […]

Beer & Chocolate

We’re a strange pair, my husband and I. I travel the country in search of exotic chocolates. He travels far and wide in search of good beer. I ask, “Are the beans from Ecuador? Is it single source, small batch, bean to bar?”  My husband talks hops, vintage, IPA, and stout. Lucky for us, the proprietors of these wonderful little foodie finds know their neighborhood and are eager to share their favorite haunts. After spending at least an hour stocking up on enough chocolate to keep me happy for a very long time, Byron, owner […]

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