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Looking for a lively talk from a chocolate connoisseur (aka chocolate goddess)?

I’ll take you to a place where the “number” on a chocolate label isn’t nearly as interesting as the nuanced flavors you’ll discover when you learn more about the actual cacao bean, its source, and how to taste this sensuous treat.

Did you know, for example, that the most exquisite chocolate you’ll taste comes from small batch operations that source cacao beans from the rare and wonderful Criollo tree?

Have you ever visited a bean to bar establishment?

Have you ever considered the tao of chocolate?

I’ll introduce you to some of the finest chocolate makers in the world and unravel some of the myths that have you purchasing the “big name” brands without even looking at the label.

Health benefits? You bet! After all, I’m a culinary nutritionist. But even more important than antioxidants, minerals and the oxygen radical absorption capacity of the cacao bean, are the rich and satisfying experiences associated with chocolate. I’ve never met a cranky chocolate lover. Have you?

We’ll talk flavor

and texture

snap and sensation

and what it means to transform your chocolate eating experience to one of pure delight and . . .

chocolate rapture.

. . . where pleasure meets permission

Contact me for appearances on radio, stage, or via teleseminar—my favorite place to rock an audience. (Surrounded by chocolate of course.)