Guilt-free Chocolate Truffles with Lime

Admittedly I spend more time collecting beautiful chocolate recipes than I do preparing them, but there’s a reason for that. I’m the only chocophile in the house. I would have to consume every cake, cookie, truffle, mousse and moon pie I prepare, all by myself. (A not-so-terrible fate.) Today I made a variation on my guilt-free chocolate truffle for a raw foods class I’m giving tomorrow. It’s to live for!     Ingredients 1 cup pitted prunes ½ cup pitted dates 3 tablespoons almond butter 1 tablespoon high-quality maple syrup 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime […]

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Red Velvet Cake (no red dye!)

I’m a big fan of red velvet cake. I’m NOT a big fan of red dye # 40, or any chemical additive for that matter. Why add a chemical cocktail to a beautiful cake? This cake is from Sophistimom. What I love about Jaimee, is her ability to turn a cake into a science experiment—playing with beet powder until she gets just the right hue. And when you visit Jaimee’s blog, be sure to check out what she’s reading with her kids. The former first grade teacher in me fell in love with both her […]

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Chocolate Cookies with Cacao Nibs and Lime

How can you not pause and say, “Yum!” when you see this pairing? Chocolate and lime. I like the sound of that. Admittedly, I would add lime to any food item on my plate—sweet, savory—it doesn’t matter. But I never thought to add it to one of my chocolate creations. Check it out: chocolate cookies with cacao nibs and lime. My 10-minute truffles are going to take on a whole new dimension tomorrow as I play with this flavor combination. Loving lime. What’s YOUR favorite flavor combination?

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

I’m always on the lookout for scrumptious flourless chocolate cake recipes because so many of my clients are gluten-free. I love the gluten-free goddess because she posts beautiful recipes that illuminate the “dancing with delicious” side of gluten-free living. There’s no deprivation in Karina’s kitchen. Check out her flourless chocolate cake. And while you’re there, take a few minutes to peruse the rest of her site. It’s filled with good-enough-to-eat photographs and outstanding recipes.  

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Chocolate Truffle Cake

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to enjoy this cake. I love the chocolate orange combination. It is, indeed, a masterpiece. Can you think of a time someone prepared (by hand) a cake this beautiful to celebrate you? I think I’d just have to gaze at for a week before I could actually take a bite! Tell me what you think of the recipe. Will you try it? And if you’re looking for a beautiful gluten free chocolate truffle cake, check out the cake by our favorite gluten-free goddess.

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Grilled Chocolate and Fruit Panini

Talk about an easy way to wow your company with very little fuss. I love the addition of cinnamon and salt to the chocolate spread. This dessert is so much more colorful than a smore. You’ll find the recipe in the Family Kitchen, a beautiful collection of recipes compiled by some of my favorite foodies. I can’t wait to try the blueberry shrimp salad with lemon dressing. Sounds delightful. Let me know which fruit you’d place in your panini.

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