Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons The first time I visited Marlow & Sons it was in the company of a food-loving friend. She couldn’t wait to take me to some of her favorite Brooklyn food haunts. I couldn’t wait to engage in this little culinary adventure. Mind you, Jennifer and I had never met in person. We shared foodie moments on facebook where I post beautiful photos of memorable meals and she delights in the visual displays of food rapture. First we ordered a soup that rivaled my grandmother’s zuppa di Josephine. I am a big fan […]

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True Confession

True confession: my love affair with chocolate began with Little Debbie Nutty Bars. You know, those long wafer-like cookies filled with fake peanut butter and dipped in chocolate. Yes, I loved those crunchy bars of peanut butter wonder. Heck, I was a kid. What did I know about chocolate? There wasn’t a whole lot of chocolate in my childhood. My mother was on a perpetual diet and my grandmother, the cook in the family, had a proclivity for lemon. Lemon pie. Lemon cake. Lemon cookies. I suspect she was pining for the subtle scent of […]

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A One Night (Epicurean) Stand

“Are those mushrooms?” “Roasted mushrooms topped with a fried egg, pancetta, and ricotta salata. They make their own cheese here. You must be from out of town,” the gentleman says with a quizzical look in his eyes. I don’t tell him I walked by the restaurant four times before finding the entrance. I drop my satchel and climb onto the bar stool, still eyeing the ricotta salata, “I’m attending a business development seminar at Urban Zen.” He leaned in a little closer, “Well, you can’t leave this restaurant without trying the mushrooms. It’s their signature […]

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