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And they called it truffle love. . .

Chocolate Without Guilt

Last week I started my very own national celebration. Actually, I think I’ll call it my very own international celebration since I have some readers outside the United States. I named that celebration: Chocolate Without Guilt Week. First, let me be very clear that I never feel guilty when I eat chocolate. Chocolate, for me, is: dancing with delicious. Sure, I can tell you all about the health benefits of chocolate but that’s not why I eat it. And I can also tell you that some of the chocolates I’ve eaten in the past two […]

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Chocolate for Breakfast

Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. ~Lora Brody In order to break through the barriers of all of our burdensome food rules, we really have to start fresh—with a beginner’s mind as the Zen Buddhists might say. And what better place to begin than with chocolate? Poor chocolate. This delectably sensuous treat has become the victim of so much controversy. First it’s touted as the best super food on the planet: antioxidant-rich, serotonin boosting, better-than-sex chocolate. “Yes, I’ll have some of that!” But then, “Oh no, don’t believe a word of this: […]

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