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Red Velvet Cake (no red dye!)

I’m a big fan of red velvet cake. I’m NOT a big fan of red dye # 40, or any chemical additive for that matter. Why add a chemical cocktail to a beautiful cake? This cake is from Sophistimom. What I love about Jaimee, is her ability to turn a cake into a science experiment—playing with beet powder until she gets just the right hue. And when you visit Jaimee’s blog, be sure to check out what she’s reading with her kids. The former first grade teacher in me fell in love with both her […]

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Culinary Terms of Endearment

Savor Moments as Much as You Savor Flavor A few weeks ago I experienced one of those surreal transitions that you refrain from pondering too closely, for fear you’ll be consumed by a grief too large to contain. It was time to move my dad into an assisted living facility. Now there’s one thing you need to know about my dad. He loves food. Every meal was a “party” and his idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon was traveling from market to bakery to butcher to pick up all the trappings for a sumptuous meal. […]

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Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

This is a variation of the dessert I ordered during my one night (epicurean) stand in New York City. I’m a big olive oil fan but I had never tasted olive oil cake. Admittedly, I was a little suspicious at first, but the cake was absolutely delicious and had a beautiful texture. I savored every bite. Then, I started my search for the perfect recipe. It didn’t take long. Heidi Swanson is a San Francisco based photographer, cookbook author, designer and creator of 101 Cookbooks, my favorite food blog. I knew she’d have a recipe […]

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Let them eat cake. . .

This was my second attempt at this scrumptious chocolate polenta pudding cake. It gets better with each try. The first time I used BIG chunks of baker’s chocolate. Half way through the chocolate chopping process, I pleaded with my husband to take over. He is NOT a kitchen-kind-of-guy but he took mercy on me and started chopping while I attended to the polenta. I think he gets nervous when he sees me wielding large, menacing knives. Admittedly, I didn’t realize how many steps there were in making this cake. The recipe was a little sketchy […]

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