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Bari Tessler Linden is Leaving a Luscious Legacy

Bari Tessler Linden is a financial therapist, coach, and mommypreneur. Founder of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method, Bari teaches people how to build their own bridges between money, body, mind and spirit. Along the way, they eat chocolate. Needless to say, I fell in love with Bari when she told me her son, Noah, called himself a chocolate expert at age three. But even more than her extraordinary skills at guiding people gently and consciously to greater clarity and power around money, I was drawn to Bari because she is a living example of what it […]

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Mint Chocolate Truffles

Just give me a basic recipe and place me in a kitchen.  All of my creative juices start to fly and pretty soon I’ve changed the recipe to suit my mood or the season. Hmmmm, I wonder what these truffles would taste like if I added some peppermint oil? It’s Saint Paddy’s Day. I’m feeling the need to do something green. Uh-oh, no prunes. (Yes, this chocolate truffle recipe calls for prunes.) That’s okay, we’ll replace the prunes with raisins. It’s the texture we’re after. Here’s the basic recipe, adapted from George Mataljan’s World’s Healthiest […]

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And they called it truffle love. . .

Chocolate Without Guilt

Last week I started my very own national celebration. Actually, I think I’ll call it my very own international celebration since I have some readers outside the United States. I named that celebration: Chocolate Without Guilt Week. First, let me be very clear that I never feel guilty when I eat chocolate. Chocolate, for me, is: dancing with delicious. Sure, I can tell you all about the health benefits of chocolate but that’s not why I eat it. And I can also tell you that some of the chocolates I’ve eaten in the past two […]

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